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It can always be confusing when choosing to get a fresh new set of hair extensions for your new summer holiday, I always find clients will get there last wear out of there old hair extensions due to the affects of chlorine and other damaging chemicals that can be found especially in the water tanks used within the hotels you stay in.

There is no need to stress about these issues as you can buy so many products to prevent or to fix these external issues.

One main tip is if your going to the beach or the pool is to wash your hair and lather it in your favourite oil/serum or leave in conditioner not only will this nourish your locks it will also create a barrier from any unwanted chemicals contacting your hair and turning them that unwanted brassy colour or affecting the longevity of your locks.

The best products on the market are Malibu C Hard Water Wellness (which can be purchased as a bundle or induvial online for around £5 per sachet) as well as your favourite sulphate free purple/blue shampoo this will remove unwanted minerals and restore the colour back to its original state. Another incredible product to use not only for detangling your hair extensions but this can be sprayed on your hair extensions as a leave in conditioner creating a barrier so no unwanted chemicals can penetrate in to your hairs cuticle is Unite 7 Seconds Detangle, (you can purchase this for around £20-30 online) this is by far one of the best leave in conditioners on the market. This detangling spray alongside with my number one rated Denman Tangle Tamer will work a dream. (These can be purchased for around £17 online)

Don't forget it is so important to make sure all your products are sulphate free as this is the number one chemical that strips your hair of all nourishment.

Enjoy your Summer

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